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- हमारे बारे में
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It all began for the love of traditional home cooked Indian cuisine.

At Love Home Food, we believe that everyone deserves to have amazing food in their homes. We're not here just to make your life a little easier -- we're here to make it better.

Our aim is to provide tasty, premium quality hand-made meals. Especially to those who are working longer hours and, as a result, have less time to cook for themselves. Or those who don't fancy cooking and rather use their time elsewhere.

We know how hard you work, so we make sure our chefs works hard too and we make sure they put in the time and effort to make each dish amazing. We take special care of the nutritional value of our produce and make sure they aren't lost during the cooking process. These strict policies encourage our chefs to use only quality ingredients and avoid any use of unhealthy additives or artificial flavours.

We freeze to lock in flavour and cut down on waste so they're full of flavour, freshness, goodness and nutrition.

And because we grind our spices, every single bite is packed with flavour and freshness which means you can eat some truly authentic Indian cuisine passed down through generations that's always super fresh!

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