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Love Home Food

Premium Quality Frozen Indian Cuisine
No Prep, No Mess, Just Heat & Eat

Inspired by India's vast and rich heritage,

Love Home Food offers diners the opportunity to enjoy fine Indian cuisine, prepared in the traditional way and delivered to their home.

When you think of Indian food, what comes to mind?

Is it the aroma of spices in the air, or maybe the sound of soft sitar music playing in the background? Maybe it's the hot, rich flavours on your tongue. Now think about all that, and then imagine eating it without having to leave your house.

That's what we're talking about with Love Home Food.

We're here to bring you premium quality traditional Indian cuisine that you can order from the comfort of your own home. Because we grind our own spices fresh every day, we are able to provide authentic dishes free from additives and fillers.

Deliver your curry in style!

We will delivery straight to your home in a temperature control delivery box. No prep, no mess, just heat and eat.


So why not enjoy a curry at home? It's easy! Just order online

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Pick your dishes

Choose from a variety of dishes that you are craving to eat.

How it Works?

We cook & freeze them



Each of the dishes are cooked and freeze following recommended guidelines.

Dishes are packed in 350grams (approx) microwave and oven compatible trays.

These trays are then packed in a temperature control delivery box and delivered to you within 24 to 48 hours.

Ready in Mins

No prep, no mess. Just heat it up in a microwave or an oven and enjoy.


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Premium Quality Indian Frozen Cuisine

No Prep, No Mess, Just Heat & Eat